Since 1814 Washington County Government has served the residents of communities such as Bartle, Beck's Mill, Blue River, Bunker Hill, Canton, Claysville, Daisy Hill, Farrabee, Georgetown, Haleysburg, Harristown, Hitchcock, Kossuth, Martinsburg, McKinley, Mt. Carmel, New Liberty, New Philadelphia, Organ Spring, Plattsburg, Prowsville, Punkin Center, Rosebud, Rush Creek Valley, Smedley, South Boston and Salem.

Washington County, Indiana was named in honor of U.S. President George Washington. Washington County is the 7th largest county in Indiana at 514 square miles. With its fertile cropland, scenic beauty of its rolling hills, progressive business community and strong educational values Washington County is a wonderful place to call home.


Private Pesticide Core & Category 14 Tests

For Immediate Release    January 22, 2015

The application of pesticides, manure, and other fertilizers is a precise agricultural tool. The proper use of these products is instrumental in maintaining the agricultural productivity that feeds our world today. If these products are misused, it can lead to serious environmental impacts. Because of their importance and potency, the State of Indiana requires farmers that wish to apply restricted uses pesticides or manure from confined feeding operations to their own land have a permit. To be eligible for an applicator’s permit, farmers must pass a thorough exam and attend educational recertification programs. Purdue Extension is essential at the state and county level for the training and education of farmers using these regulated products. 

Farmers interested in qualifying for a permit to apply restricted use pesticides or manure from confined feeding operations (CFOs), or fertilizer for hire will need to pass an exam. By taking and passing this exam, the examinee is eligible to be a Private Pesticide Applicator. 

Purdue Pesticide Programs will be hosting these exams on Wednesday, January 28 at the Orange County Community Center, 1075 N. Sandy Hook Rd., Paoli, IN. The exams being offered are the Pesticide Core Exam and Category 14 Manure/Fertilizer Application Exam. These exams will start at 3 p.m. and end at 6 p.m. Only private applicator exams will be offered. There are no commercial category exams at this location. Registration is requested for these exams, please call Purdue Pesticide Programs at 888-398-4636 or email Cheri at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You must show a government issued photo ID at the time of the exam. Exams can be taken anytime between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m., but no exam may be started unless the full time limit allowed for that exam remains in the testing period (i.e. a 90-minute exam my not be started if only 80 minutes remain). Time limits are listed below. Examinees will be limited to the number of different exams that can be completed within the three-hour testing period (two exams). Exam time limits: Core-1.5 hours and Cat. 14-1.5 hours. Pesticide core training manuals can be purchased from your county Extension Office for $30 plus shipping. Category 14 Agricultural Fertilizer Application training manuals can be downloaded from For more information, visit or contact Purdue Extension – Washington Count at 812-883-4601 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Certified Livestock Producer Program

For Immediate Release    April 22, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is now accepting applications from
Indiana livestock producers interested in participating in the Certified Livestock Producer Program. The
program recognizes outstanding livestock producers that go above and beyond in their farm management
practices. Applications are due May 30, 2014.

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SEPAC Field Day

For Immediate Release     June 21, 2014

The annual Southeast Purdue Ag. Center Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, July 1 from 3:00-8:00 pm.  Featured speakers will be Purdue Extension Specialists and topics will include: Soybean Update, Starter Fertilizer & Population Research by Shaun Casteel; Corn Yield Response to Seeding Rates & Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates by Bob Nielsen; Soil Health – What is it & how do we improve it? by Eileen Kladivko; Regulatory Topic by Fred Whitford.  Private Applicator, Commercial Applicator and Certified Crop Advisor Credits are also available.  Private applicator credits will require $10.00.  Everyone should bring a copy of their applicator license.  Credits will only be given for attending the entire program.  RSVP’s are appreciated by June 25 to 812-352-3033.  SEPAC is located at 4425 E. County Road 350 N, Butlerville, IN 47223.  If you require auxillary aids and services due to a disability or special food needs, please call the phone number listed above by June 25. 

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