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Purdue Extension Office

Purdue Extension Office

Agriculture and Natural Resources

 Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR)    Extension strives to make Washington  County a better place by providing farmers with tools to manage their operations through changing economic conditions by determining the best crops to grow and   increasing productivity on livestock operations.  ANR programs also encourage  sustainability by promoting local foods, pollinator protection, food safety, farm  safety, succession planning, and soil health.  Non-farm  clientele benefit from ANR Extension through lawn and  garden related programming, such as the Purdue Master Gardeners, as well as through individual consultations.

 Health and Human Sciences

 The Health and Human Sciences (HHS) Educator delivers educational programs in Washington County that are evidence and research based, to all community members.  HHS Extension focuses on issues related to families and parenting through programs like Co-Parenting for Successful Kids. HHS Extension delivers health and wellness and food and nutrition programs to help with chronic diseases, like Dining with Diabetes and Be Heart Smart, as well as the newly  established Walking Program. Through HHS you can also learn about food safety and home food preservation. Where Does Your Money Go helps those who struggle financially get back to basics by learning budgeting.

 The focus of HHS Extension in Washington County is on families and parenting and building, or rebuilding relationships through programs like Strengthening Families Program  10-14, which is also a drug prevention program for families with children ages 10-14. HHS Extension in Washington County is actively working and partnering with many organizations in the community to help meet the many needs of this community, even the needs related to the substance abuse epidemic.

 4-H Youth Development

 4-H began over 100 years ago, and has since grown into the largest youth development    program in the nation. 4-H prepares young people to be leaders in their community and around the world through hands-on experiences alongside their peers and caring adults. Backed by a network of more than 6 million youth, 540,000 adult volunteers, 3,500 professionals, and more than 60 million alumni; 4-H delivers research-based programming around positive youth development.  In Indiana,  4-H can be found in all 92 counties as delivered through Purdue Extension. Community clubs, afterschool programs, school enrichment, camps/workshops, and special programs are all ways youth across Indiana can be involved with the 4-H program.

�€‹ Nutrition Education Program

 The Nutrition Education Program offers nutrition and physical activity classes to youth and adults in hopes of having a healthier Washington   county. The youth nutrition program is an interactive and fun way for kids to learn how to make healthier choices, take interest in cooking healthy food, and being active while having fun! The adult program is great for those who want to learn how to provide healthy food for their family on a budget. Discussions include money management, meal planning, and using our food  dollars wisely. Classes can be taught at many public settings, such as schools, churches, agencies, apartment complexes and more.

Community Wellness Coordinators collaborate with community partners on creating community change. A community action team has been   established and is helping implement policy,  system and environmental changes focusing on food security, physical activity, nutrition, food safety and food resource management. This work can involve helping create healthy corner stores, increasing opportunities for active living, increasing bike rack availability,  improving school wellness policies, increasing healthy food donations and more. The group is always looking for new initiatives to work on to create community change.

 What is Purdue Extension?

 The Cooperative Extension Service is one of the nation's largest providers of scientific research-based information and education. It's a network of colleges, universities, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, serving communities and counties across America.  The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service program areas in Washington county are: 

*Agriculture and Natural Resources 
*Health and Human Sciences 
*4-H Youth Development                              
*Nutrition Education Program

Danielle Walker                                                                                                                                                           
Agriculture and Natural Resources                            

Megan Broughton                                                                     
4-H Youth Development\CED                                                          

Sonya Mitchell                                                                                      
Health and Human Sciences       

Maddie Underwood       
Nutrition Education Program Assistant

Katelyn Kutemeier
Community Wellness Coordinator

Melissa Nolan
Office Manager

Rhonda Abbott

Mission Statement 
We deliver practical, research-based information that transforms lives and livelihoods. 

Vision Statement 
We will be a leader in providing relevant, high-impact educational programs that transform the lives and livelihoods of individuals and communities in Indiana and the world.