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The surveyor supervises all civil engineering work of the county unless the commissioners have appointed a county highway engineer. If the surveyor is a registered engineer he or she may be appointed county highway engineer.

The surveyor is directed by statute to prepare, maintain, and keep in their custody a legal survey record book showing maps of each section, grant, tract, subdivision or group of such areas in sufficient detail so that the approximate location of each such legal survey can be shown. This function is largely record keeping and administrative, but one which must be handled with accuracy and attention to detail.

In accordance with Indiana Code, further responsibilities include:

  • ANNEXATION DESCRIPTIONS: The County Surveyor maintains annexation descriptions and dis-annexatton descriptions for each city and town and must certify to the State Election Board the annexations and the Census Tracts involved
  • LEGAL SURVEY BOOK: The County Surveyor maintains a legal survey record book for all legal surveys within the county A legal survey is a survey prepared by a registered land surveyor with notice to all adjoining landowners to resolve property disputes
  • SECTION CORNER PERPETUATION: The County Surveyor must keep and maintain a corner record book showing original government section corners The Surveyor must check and reference at least 5% of all corners shown in the Corner Record Book and establish, locate and reference at least 5% of all original corners

The Surveyor's Office personally serves the Citizens at their office, by phone, and by E-Mail. Because of an enormous amount of foot traffic through their office, other noted services may be regulated from time to time.

To expedite service at the Surveyor's desk at their office, please bring relevant materials in order to speed up inquiries. These materials may include, but are not necessarily limited to, copies of deeds, copy of tax statements, copies of plat book pages, etc.

The Surveyor's Office has aerial maps available for purchase. They also have the original survey notes for review, along with corner stone information, flood map information, filed legal surveys,  highway right-of-ways, railroad right-of-ways, and old sets of aerials.

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Washington County Surveyor
99 Public Square, Suite #1
Salem, IN 47167
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00am -4:00pm
Office Contacts:
Emily Rodman