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Probation Department

The mission of probation is to provide necessary services to the offender aimed toward reducing criminal/delinquent behavior while balancing the needs and ensuring the safety of the community. Probation is a profession that requires fundamental knowledge of the law, sentencing alternatives, human services, and community protection.

Our Vision Statement:

  • TO assist in the fair administration of justice.
  • TO assist offenders living in Washington County or under the supervision of the Courts of Washington County to become productive, contributing members of society.
  • TO assist in improving the overall education and social responsibility of offenders living in Washington County or under the supervision of the Courts of Washington County which will promote community safety.
  • TO reduce recidivism of offenders by providing consequences for behavior as well as programming for offenders that encourages and facilitates law-abiding behavior.
  • TO assure victims will be compensated and their needs and concerns are addressed.
  • TO promote probation staff safety through information, education, and training.
  • TO promote continuing education of probation staff in order to enhance services for offenders.

Court Ordered Juvenile Probation:

There are four ways in which a child “may be taken into custody":

  • By any law enforcement officer acting under an order of the court of juvenile jurisdiction.
  • By any law enforcement officer acting with probable cause to believe the child has committed a delinquent act
  • By any law enforcement officer, probation officer, or caseworker acting with probable cause to believe the juvenile is in need of services under certain emergency circumstances.
  • By any law enforcement officer, probation officer, or caseworker acting with probable cause to believe the child is a CHINS because the child is a missing child.

Delinquent child – IC 31-37-1-1 – A child is a delinquent child if, before becoming eighteen (18) years of age, the child commits a delinquent act. Delinquent acts are as follows; IC 31-37-2-2 Leaving Home with out reasonable cause or without permission; IC 31-37-2-3 Failure to attend school (Truancy); IC 31-37-2-4 Disobedience; IC 31-37-2-5 Curfew Violation; IC 31-37-2-6 Alcoholic Beverage. and Criminal Offenses.

Status Offenders -- A child alleged to be a delinquent child for an act that would not be a crime if committed by an adult is referred to as a “status offender” (not a statutory term, but used for convenience). Under Indiana’s juvenile code, “status offenses” include runaway, truancy, curfew violation, ungovernable, and illegal possession, consumption or transportation of alcohol.

Probation -- Probation is grounded on the premise that incarceration is not necessary for everyone convicted of an offense and that some individuals are reasonably safe risks in the community at the time of their appearance in court. Thus, if the community would not be endangered by a convicted person’s presence and the individual can provide evidence of an ability to engage in pro-social, law-abiding behavior, then it would be in the best interest of the individual and society for the person to remain at liberty in the community. However, there is no right to probation in Indiana; it is purely a favor granted by the trial judge. The suspension of a sentence and the granting of probation are strictly within the discretion of the trial judge and are not mandatory.

The primary purpose of probation is to assist juvenile and adult offenders by providing services to solve the personal and environmental problems which brought them into contact with the public authorities and to protect society from the individual who shows signs of being a repeat offender. In any program of this nature, the primary concern is with the people involved, both the people to be served and the people providing the service.

Home Detention Alternative Programs:

Home Detention offers an alternative to incarceration. The program allows offenders to remain at home, maintain employment and still receive credit toward any sentence of incarceration. Offenders on home detention are monitored through the use of computer/phone technology and an ankle transmitter which monitors the offender’s whereabouts 24 hours a day. In addition to standard home detention, Washington County Probation offers home detention with alcohol monitoring. This program monitors an offender’s whereabouts, as well as tests the offender for alcohol use via an in-home breath test monitor. Offenders must be court ordered into the home detention program, have phone service to their residence and pay a daily fee for the program in order to be eligible.

Alcohol and Drug Programs:

Defendants may be required to attend and successfully complete 10 hours of a Drug & Alcohol Education Program (ADUP) or an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The probationer has five (5) days after being place on probation to contact the coordinator of such program. At the present time there are 2 approved education classes and 1 approved Intensive Outpatient Program in Washington County.

Lifeline Teen Challenge
Jean's Office Building
201 W. Jean's Drive
Salem IN 47167
PH#812-883-6538 or 812-620-1878

Hoosier Hills PACT
35 N. Public Square
Salem IN 47167
Contact Lou @ Ph#812-883-3318

Intensive Outpatient Program
Ask your probation officer for additional information on this program.


Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings:

At the present time there is one Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting in the Washington County area.

Mondays at 8:00pm
St. Vincent Salem Hospital (Just inside the front doors to your left in the classroom)

Hoosier Hills Pact:

Defendants may be ordered by the Court to complete certain sanctions that are operated under the Hoosier Hills PACT Office. Those sanctions are: Community Service Hours, Mens Non-Violence Classes, Anger Management Classes, Check Deception Classes, Shoplifting Classes and Thinking For A Change Classes. Hoosier Hills PACT can be contacted at 812-883-3318.

Victim Assistance — If you are a victim of a crime be sure to contact the Victim Advocate at Hoosier Hills PACT (812) 883-3318 and have them send you an impact statement to be completed.

Domestic Violence Shelter is a facility for battered women and their children offering safe shelter and support services. The phone number for the shelter is 812-883-1959. There is also a 24-hour toll free crisis line available for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and other crisis situations at 888-883-1959.

Transfer of Probation to Washington County:

If you are a defendant FROM another county you will need to have the county you are sentenced in transfer your case in accordance with the intra-state transfer protocol. Once we receive it, a letter will be issued and you will have ten (10) days from that date to come into the Probation Office to fill out Washington County’s Probation information.

If you are a defendant FROM another state, the state you were sentenced in will have to transfer your case in accordance with the rules of Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System (ICOTS) started here.


Please note the differences between parole and probation:

Parole is the supervision of a defendant that has already served his executed time at the Indiana Department of Corrections and is released early due to good behavior or the completion of certain acceptable programs.

Probation is where the Court orders specify sanctions to be fulfilled by the defendant during specific period of time with no violations.

If you are a defendant that has been placed on parole and wish to live in Washington County, you will need to contact the Parole Office for the Washington County area.

Parole Agent
Indiana Department of Corrections
1500 North Packinghouse Road
Bloomington, Indiana 47404
Telephone (812) 334-3716
Fax # (812) 334-4018

Washington County Substance Abuse Council

The mission of the Washington County Substance Abuse Council, which includes the Tobacco Coalition, is to improve the quality of life of the people living in Washington County by addressing the problem of substance abuse in our County. This organization meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Washington County Hospital educational room at 7:00 p.m. The youth group meets at 6:00 p.m. on the same date. The improvement of the quality of life in Washington County is through awareness and prevention of substance abuse at all levels, comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs, community involvement, and supporting enforcement of the law involving substance abuse crimes. Contact Hoosier Hills PACT at 812-883-3318.

Washington County Tobacco Coalition

The Washington County Tobacco Coalition, a part of the Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, holds quarterly meetings contingent on the hospital meeting room being available. Call 883-3318 for information. Cessation and support programs are held at the hospital. Call 883-5881 for information.