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Highway Department

Washington County Highway Department
600 Anson Street
Salem, IN 47167

The Washington County Highway Department is responsible for all roads, bridges, and structures within Washington County which are not state highways and which are not within the corporate limits of a city or nearby town. Washington County has approximately 800 miles of roadway, 133 bridges, and many small structures to maintain. The Washington County Highway Department strives for safe and accessible roadways, and continues to work to improve the transportation infrastructure for the citizens of Washington County, Indiana.

If you have a concern for a road problem which is within Washington County's jurisdiction, you may contact the Washington County Highway office during business hours or email at any time.

In event of an emergency after office hours involving a County Highway issue, contact the Washington County Sheriff's Department at (812)883-5999.

Issues within City of Salem Limits and on State Roads, please call the number listed below:

Driveway Permits (Required for All New Driveway Entrances on County Roads)

Driveway Permits are required by the Washington County Highway Department whenever putting in any kind of drive way, new or add on. You will not be able to apply for a building permit or obtain a 911 address without a Driveway Permit. Stop by the Washington County Highway Dept. (600 Anson St., Salem) for an Application and Flags to mark the driveway. The New Driveway has to be approved by the Washington County Highway Department to determine if the driveway site meets safety requirements and if a culvert is needed.

Culverts can be purchased through the Washington County Hwy and the highway department will also install culverts in the Washington County jurisdiction.