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The 2017 Beef Cow/Calf Improvement Seminar will take place on Saturday, January 21 at the Orange County Community Center (1075 N Sandy Hood Rd, Paoli, IN 47454) beginning at 9:30 AM and ending at 3:30 PM. The theme for this year's seminar will focus on "Factors Affecting Meat Quality." This seminar will explore the nutrition, genetic and environmental influences on meat quality.

"There is little doubt that the price difference between industry preferred feeder cattle and those deemed substandard will become increasingly greater as years go by. So, now is the time for producers to plan management, health, and genetics programs that will make calves attractive to buyers who are willing to pay premiums for cattle that meet their specifications. In the future, buyers will demand more and more information to aid them in predicting the performance and carcass characteristics of feeder cattle. Therefore, using superior genetics that can be documented will likely become necessary to optimize premiums and avoid discounts in the future." - Dr. Gordon Jones, Retired WKU Animal Science.

The day's speakers have a wide range of expertise and will share the reasons management practices may affect the quality of beef produced. Purdue University's Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences, Dr. Stacy Zuelly, will begin the morning with "A Meat Quality Overview". Dr. Gregg Rentfrow, Meat Science Specialist with University of Kentucky, will continue the morning session with the topic of "Consumer Trends in Beef Quality".

"Genetic Selection as Related to Meat Quality" is the subject that Dr. Gordon Jones, retired Professor of Animal Science from Western Kentucky University, will be discussing before the program will break for lunch. After our catered meal, Wes Hornback, Cattle Technical Specialist with Purina Mills, LLC, will present on "Fetal Programming's Effect on Meat Quality". Following Wes, Dr. Zuelly will speak again on "Nutrition and Behavior Effects on Meat Quality". The final topic for the day will focus on "Major Changes and Trends in Beef Quality: Why It's Important" with Dr. Rentfrow presenting again.

Early registration on or before January 13 will cost $20. Students with paying advisors or parents will be $15 before or on January 13. All registrations received after January 13 will be $30. For a registration form or for additional information, please contact the Purdue Extension – Washington County at 812-883-4601 or email at dhowellw@purdue.edu.

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