Marriage Licenses

Begin Your Marriage License Online:

State of Indiana Marriage License Online Form 

Where to Apply:

Indiana residents must obtain a license in the county in which at least one of the applicants resides. Out of state residents must obtain a marriage license in the county in which the marriage will be performed. Both must apply in person together.


If at least one of the applicants is a resident of Washington County, the fee is $18 CASH at the time of application. If both applicants are non-residents, the fee is $60 CASH at the time of application. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Applicants must show proof of identification by a valid driver’s license or an original certified copy of their birth certificate. If these forms are not available a state-issued identification card, baptismal certificate with date of birth, military I.D., passport, life insurance policy with date of birth, school I.D., or transcripts of school records with date of birth may be accepted.

Waiting Period:

A marriage license can be issued on the same day of application. There is no legal waiting period to obtain your marriage license. The license is valid for sixty (60) days from date of issuance during which time the marriage must be performed. You may request a certified copy, please allow two (2) weeks. Any additional copies for $1.00.

Age Requirements:

Applicants must be 18 or older. Applicants age 17 must have parental consent. Applicants aged 15 and 16 must have a court order and parental consent.

Previous Marriages:

If there have been any previous marriages, the application requires information of the month and year marriages ended as well as the manner (e.g., divorce, death, annulment). If you have been divorced for less than 60 days, you must provide a copy of the divorce decree.